It has come to my attention that I am retarded, I do not plan on getting any smarter.

Life didn't give me lemons, it gave me pants, and I shit them.

The world isn't flat, you idiots, it's not even round!

The world is a vampire!

As the years go by, another day closer to death.

The clock is ticking, hurry.

Beef jerky is so expensive, I may as well buy the beef and jerk it off myself.

Everyday savings at the everything store, K&B!
Now, ask your K&B pharmacist for a three dollar
Coupon good on your next new or transferred prescription!

microwave type beat hits harder than my dad after he drinks the angy juice.

Who said that?

Who the fuck said that?

Which one of you slimy communist twinkle toes mother fuckers just signed his own death warrant?

Nobody huh?

The fairy fucking godmother said it.

Out fucking standing.


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I keep wanting to setup PeerTube, but I keep backing off since I already run so much on the Pi that has the drive attached.

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I symlinked the media folder to an different drive on the Pi so it wasn't taking up r/w on the SD card. so here's hoping it doesn't break anything.

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